Claudius Legal Intelligence Inc.’s Data Security Protocol

Last updated: July 2020

Data privacy and data security are a part of Claudius’ DNA.

Claudius is a Princeton University spinout, and its technology was developed at the University. This initial R&D included work on predictive analytics for prosecutors’ offices—work that involved highly sensitive information. From this nascent stage, Claudius was developing industry-leading data security. When Claudius spun-out of Princeton University and became an independent company, it expanded its data security protocols. It meets all industry-specific regulations, and it goes further than that.


Claudius uses the latest encryption technologies, including a combination of software-based encryption, hosting solutions (Amazon Web Services), and secure self encrypting devices to align with industry-standard security practices.


All of the hostig providers that Claudius uses are SOC2 certified and employ strict physical and logical security. To learn more about the security practices of Claudius's hosting providers, consult the following.

Up-to-date on the Latest in Cybersecurity

Claudius monitors for potential vulnerabilities (and vulnerability defenses), reviewing and updaing its code and systems configuration to ensure your data is protected.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Claudius takes its privacy and security compliance requirements seriously. See our privacy policy for more detail, including information about the type of data we handle, how we use that data, and your associated rights.