The power of Legal Artificial Intelligence

Claudius’ AI technology is based on foundational research in Trustworthy Machine Learning, Data-driven Modeling and Natural Language Processing.

Our Vision

As the Research and Development branch of Claudius Legal Intelligence, Claudius Research is tackling some of Legal AI’s greatest challenges. Our researchers focus on foundational scientific breakthroughs that aim on powering the future of law and on improving Claudius’ products through AI innovation.

Claudius Research seeks to keep the parent company firmly rooted in the academy. While there is much hype in Legal AI -- and in AI more broadly -- Claudius focuses on scientific advancement that develops scalable and reproducible solutions for Legal AI. Our goal is to transform the legal practice through the development of systems that integrate multimodal data streams, learn efficiently, and are able to transcend simple tasks or siloed domains. At the same time, Claudius is committed to ethical innovation. It is at the very core of our mission to ensure that as AI enters the legal space, existing biases are not replicated and reinforced with legal technology. Instead, we aim to develop technology that will help the legal space to become fairer and more widely accessible.