Claudius Legal Intelligence Inc.’s Legal Service and Notice Provisions

Last updated: July 2020

1. Service of Process

Claudius Legal Intelligence Inc. (“Claudius LI”) accepts service of process at the mailing address set forth below. Notices provided without compliance with this section shall have no legal effect.

Claudius Legal Intelligence Inc.

c/o Corporation Service Company

251 Little Falls Drive

County of New Castle

Wilmington, DE 19808

Claudius LI does not accept service of process via email or electronic communications.

2. Subscriber Notice

As per Section 7.1 of Claudius’ Terms of Service, Claudius LI is contractually required to notify Subscribers of requests for their information from third parties, unless prohibited by law from doing so. Claudius LI will provide Subscriber with prompt written notice prior to any disclosure requests so that the Subscriber may seek a protective order or other appropriate relief.

3. Costs

Claudius LI may seek reimbursement for costs associated with responding to requests for information as provided by law. Such fees will be calculated based upon the nature and volume of the data requested and any burdensome requirements imposed by the request. Labor costs and legal fees may be included in costs requiring reimbursement.

Where permitted by law, Claudius LI may require a signed agreement with the third-party requesting Subscriber information outlining the nature of costs being incurred and a commitment to reimburse Claudius LI prior to producing requested information.