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Getting divorced? Did your landlord fail to return your rental deposit? Were you in a major car accident? Whatever your issue, Claudius is where you need to start.

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Claudius will get you more clients, level the playing field with insurance companies, and maximize your revenue.

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Jordan Y., a resident of New Jersey, was owed her $1,600 rental deposit. She had fulfilled all of the obligations of her rental agreement, and her landlord had indicated that he would return the deposit.

But months had gone by, the landlord was not responding to follow-up requests, and the money was nowhere to be seen. What did Jordan do? She spoke with Claudius.

Claudius gathered information about Jordan’s matter, explained to her the steps involved, generated a pre-filled form with information regarding where to send it, and outlined the possible additional steps, such as rights of appeal. Within 10 minutes, Jordan had taken the necessary steps to regain her deposit.

Michael S. was in a major motorvehicle accident. He had suffered damage to his spinal cord, undergone multiple surgeries, and was still not back to normal 8 months after the collision. The other driver had been speeding and texting at the time of the collision and had been issued a ticket for reckless driving.

Michael knew he had a case, but when he searched for an attorney online, he found only small, independent lawyers and big, noisy advertising-driven law firms. He couldn’t find anyone he could trust. What did Michael do? He spoke with Claudius.

Claudius gathered detailed case info, combed its proprietary dataset for similar matters, used its Neuro-Symbolic algorithm to gain insight into likely case outcomes, and produced a full case assessment. It then reviewed its proprietary attorney ranking system and found the perfect local attorney for Michael’s matter. The attorney then harnessed Claudius’s data-driven insights (rather than human intuition alone), gaining an advantage on the insurance company, and the case was settled for an optimal amount.


Who We Are

Claudius Legal Intelligence is a legal tech company bringing innovative AI solutions to firms and people alike.

At the center of all of our products is an artificial intelligence, Claudius, developed by our team of academic researchers from leading institutions such as Princeton and UPenn.

We have grown out of the Duke Law School Tech Lab, the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps, and the Keller Center eLab Accelerator — and our technology is currently supported by a National Science Foundation SBIR grant.

Our mission is to enable the world’s transition to artificial legal intelligence, and our constant aim is to make sure that this transition leads to increased access-to-justice.